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GreenRiver Communications Inc. is a Texas Corporation that has been supplying quality business solutions since 1995. It is now merged with Lageman.com in Jacksonville Florida to form a strategic relationship that spans the country and adds Dark Fiber as a product and service to the company's offerings.

Our leadership team has over 40 years of experience supplying solutions to premiere companies. We believe that security should be viewed as an integral part of any information technology solution.

Our information security experts can help your business protect it's existing information technology investments as well as build new, state of the art secure solutions.

David Woodling

Senior Principal

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Mr. Woodling's professional achievements include;

  • Tom Hopkins Sales Boot Camp award 1988
  • Thunderbird Institute advanced management studies early 1990s
  • Entrepreneur studies Cox School of Business
  • SMU and Southwestern Venture Capital forum
  • Working at IBM from the late 1970s to early 1980s. Participated in the first PC technology with the IBM Boca Raton PC systems group and system 36/38 support center in Fort Worth Texas.
  • Contracted by the Federal Government in Langley Virginia for implementation and training of secure worldwide Office Automation systems during the 1980s.
  • A pioneer in the introduction of Novell networking solutions to the Dallas Texas business community during the1980s.
  • Founded Integrated Logic Systems. ILS specialized in Networking Compatibility testing, Engineering, and Systems Integration in 1980s.
  • Merged the company to Network Centre a premier Network Business Integration company Late 1980s.
  • Internet Security and Systems Evaluation consultant.
  • United Hackers Association


  • Bachelors Science Degree from UNT in 1980
  • Advanced Degree studies in Computer Science Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Texas Arlington and Austin.
  • CNE, MCNE Novell
  • Premis certification AT&T
  • Numerous certifications from IBM,COMPAQ, Lucent, and other major manufacturers.

Regis Lageman

Senior Principal

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Mr. Lageman's professional achievements include;

  • President Executive: Management Recruiters of Orange Park, Inc.
  • Director of Operations HWC Distribution
  • Vice President of QA and Engineering PMC Corporation
  • Vice President of Engineering: Cablec Continental a division of BICC NA:
  • Plant Manager: Continental Wire & Cable an Affiliate of Cablec:
  • Engineering Manager: Continental Wire and Affiliate of Cablec Corpo ration
  • Senior Technical Advisor: Anaconda Ericsson:
  • General Electric Co. Silicone Products Department
  • Market Development Engineer: GE
  • Sales Specialist: Mid Atlantic Region GE
  • Technical Marketing Specialist GE


  • BSE Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland
  • ASE York Junior College
  • Modern Marketing I and Modern Marketing II (General Electric)
  • Kempner Trigo Problem Solving (General Electric)
  • Financials for Operation Managers (BICC)
  • Mastering Telecommunications Fundamentals Two Rivers Technologies
  • Project Management via PMI Institute


  • ASTM
  • IEEE
  • ISA

Industry representation:

  • Chairman NEMA High Performance Technical,
  • Chairman NEMA Shipboard Subcommittee,
  • IEEE representative,
  • UL and CSA liaison,
  • NAVSEA representation.

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Gary Crothers


Mr. Crothers' professional achievements include;

  • Center for Disease Control First Alert Program Manager State of Hawaii
  • E-Business Technology Innovation Center Manager for Scient Corp's London and Paris offices
  • Wireless Data Networking Solutions Consultant for Ericsson
  • Senior Consultant to MCI for the Next Generation NASADQ Network project
  • Senior Network Engineer and Project Manager for Texas Instruments' worldwide network replacement project
  • Sales and Technology instructor at Cisco Coprorate HQ
  • Multimedia Author
  • LearnKey's Cisco CCNA V2.0
  • LeanrKey's Cisco ACRC

Industry Certfications:

  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert # 2937
  • Cisco Certified Sales Instructor
  • Cisco Certified Solutions Instructor
  • Cisco Telemedicine Solutions Specialist
  • Cisco Routing and Switching Specialist CCIE
  • Cisco ATM Solutions specialist
  • Cisco IBM Networking solutions specialist
  • Cisco LAN switching solutions specialist


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