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Home of Defense In Depth (DID) Security and Disaster Recovery.

Products and Services


  • Workstations:
  • Configuration, setup, and trouble shoot hardware and software PC, Mac, and Linux platforms in a common business environment. In the windows world this includes windows 9X through 2000 plus XP.
  • Server :
  • Server Setup including Web Services and Web based services such as document managers, common file servers and services
  • Email Servers including Groupwise, Web Based, Exchange, and Interchange
  • Document Management including Mindwrap, Documentum, and Microsoft Sharepoint portal.
  • Common server configuration including Accounting, file sharing, and print services.
  • Security
  • Network Firewall design, implementation and maintenance including multi-home and DMZ based systems on Checkpoint, CISCO PIX, and Linux IP CHAINS.
  • Security Policy design, review, and implementation including.
    • Password
    • Acceptable Use
    • Audit
    • Email
    • Web Services
    • Intranet
    • Extranet
    • Information Sensitivity
    • User Access
    • Dial In Access
    • Remote Access
    • Risk Assessment
    • Firewall
  • Security Scanning and weakness penetration testing
  • Network forensics and intrusion detection
  • Complete end to end network and security design and implementation
  • Security Compliance service
  • Security Notification and patch update service
  • Network Design and installation including Dark Fiber

At Green River Communications we understand these business challenges. We focus on delivering secure IT systems to our clients. Solutions that deliver appropriate ROI (return on Investment) in the longer-term, as well as being cost-effective in the shorter-term


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Products and Services

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